Down The Line Golf offers specialist services which include:

  • Re-gripping
  • Repairs to broken shafts (Steel or Graphite)
  • Replacement of Shafts (Steel or Graphite)
  • Stockists of Karma Grips, Velocity Graphite Shafts, Pro Launch Graphite

Shafts, Accra Graphite Shafts, Apollo Steel Shafts and Putter Shafts.

  • Importer of golf industry consumables:
    • Ferrules for Irons and Drivers
    • Brass Shims

Graphite and Steel Extenders,

  • –  Lead Tape
  • –  Grip Tape
  • –  Hook Blades
  • –  GripKleenPlus.
  • Radar Ball launch monitoring & tracking – Analysis via Flight Scope. Advanced ballistic flight analysis software displays the tracked golf ball throughout trajectory including all golf swing data through and after impact.
  • TruSwing Metrics, 3D – graphics to enhance Swing Sensor data to see how your mechanics affect ball flight and shot results.

For Enquiries please contact Lou-is Nel Cell: 083 308 8698
E-mail: [email protected]