Current Prices 2019

Please Note that if you don’t bring your own clubs, you can hire some from us (R10 per club)

Standard Fees

60 balls –  R60

30 balls –  R40

Green Fees per day –  R20

Pensioner’s Special (Monday to Friday 7am and 11am) –  R40

Children attending St. Peters School and Pro rate –  R45

Contract Options

The following contracts have no expiration date and include access to the putting/chipping green for the duration of the contract. Buckets are used as and when you wish and renewed when you wish to do so.

10 buckets –  R520

25 buckets –  R975

Individual Membership Options

Individual Membership contracts allow you unlimited access to buckets and the putting/chipping green for the applicable month. Renewal fees are required monthly.

One Adult member –  R850 per month

One member under 8 years old –  R500

One member under 12 years old –  R650

One member under 16 years old –  R750

Family/Company Membership Options

Follows the same principle as the Individual Membership options. Family/Company Membership contracts allow members included in the contract have unlimited access to buckets and the putting/chipping green for the applicable month. Renewal fees are required monthly.

2 members –  R1350 per month

3 members – R1900 per month

4 members – R2400 per month

5 members or more– R2900 per month


4 thoughts on “Products & Fees”

  1. Hi, I would like to take up adult membership from June 2020 onwards – R850 per month package please.

    1. Good day:)

      Thank you for your interest. As we are currently closed due to government regulations for covid19, please email [email protected] if you would like to purchase your contract via eft.Alternatively you can wait until we are allowed to open again and then come in and purchase your contract:)

      TGP πŸ™‚

  2. Hi

    Hope you are well and keeping safe.

    Please advise since we are on level 3, will the range be open?


    1. Good morning. Please note that we will be closed until government allows non-contact sports such as golf, for non-professionals.

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